Undated (KROC AM News) - Motorists are being advised to be careful as roads across SE Minnesota are becoming slick due to mist, fog, and light rain and temperatures that are falling below the freezing mark.

According to the National Weather Service:

The combination of rapidly falling temperatures below freezing
and areas of drizzle will allow for icy roads to develop quickly
through the morning commute. Untreated roads may develop a layer
of ice very quickly once temperatures fall below freezing. Use
caution if traveling this morning and slow down. Roads that appear
wet may, in fact, be quite icy.

Temperatures were around 40 degrees early Monday but had slipped to freezing by 6:00 AM in many areas.

Dense fog is being reported in some areas. Some traffic accidents were reported early Monday on I-90 and I-35.

Temperatures are expected to slowly fall through the day and it will also become windy. Snow is expected in many areas Tuesday - Thursday with a few inches possible on Tuesday.

Here are the latest announcements concerning area schools:

  • Chatfield - 2 Hours Late (No AM Pre-School)
  • Howard Winneshiek - 2 Hours Late
  • Lake City - 2 Hours Late
  • NRHEG - 2 Hours Late
  • PEM - 2 Hours Late
  • Pine Island 2 Hours Late