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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - The Rochester area has experienced a very un-January-like run of weather.

The average daily temperature during the first third of the month has remained above normal.

National Weather Service

The normal high this time of year is 23 degrees and the low is 8. So far, the average daily temperature is running more than 6.5 degrees above normal. In fact, temperatures have been in the 18 - 36 degree range since Jan. 4. There have been no below-zero days so far this month.

Also missing - snow.

Not a flake has been noted at the Rochester airport. That may change this week as snow is in the forecast for Thursday. But temperatures are expected to remain above average all week with a high of around 40 expected on Wednesday.

The warmer-than-normal weather has led to a spreading safety concern across parts of southeast Minnesota - thin ice.

Goodhue County Sheriff Facebook


The Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office issued an advisory Sunday about thin ice covering Lake Pepin in the Methodist Beach area near Frontenac.

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