Toms Ostrom Soap Box

Part 4: Liberal Elite Intolerance vs. the American Electorate 

The contempt that so called apostles of “tolerance” and “diversity” Progressives have displayed against Trump voters, and exhibited by Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, explain why Trump is president, and elitist liberals still don’t get it.
Hard working, traditional Americans who make America work, college educated or not, understand and reject the liberal arrogance that permeates the media, judiciary, politics, college campuses, and civilian and government bureaucracies.

Wall Street Journal columnist William McGurn said, “The liberal contempt for Middle America is baked into (their policies) of identity politics” and contempt for what they see as the ignorance of the voters who rejected Hillary and Democrat policy wisdom. The folks who “don’t feel uncomfortable saluting the flag.”

Barack Obama expressed that condescension when he described rural Americans as “clinging to their Bibles, guns and religion,” and fear of people “not like them.” But liberals fear people “not like them.” Hillary Clinton called her political opponents “contemptible, deplorable, racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic…you name it.” That statement cost her blue-collar votes in the Upper Midwest and the election.

McGurn cites a progressive election analyst who showed contempt in his advice to Democrats to “broaden their appeal to the persuadable, low information folks,” whose resistance to liberal ideology is called “Hate Speech.”

The “Progressive” side of the spectrum has another agenda: The aiding and abetting of violent demonstrators on streets and college campuses where conservative speakers, students and teachers are threatened and silenced.

To regain the “deplorables” vote, McGurn says, Democrats “must address the identify politics that fuels that condescension.” They must also address their own “hatred” of political diversity.