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CBS recently laid off hundreds of workers, ostensibly to regain economic profitability, but journalists are most puzzled and alarmed about the firing of award winning former FOXNEWS and now CBS investigative reporter,

Paramount's White House Correspondents' Association Dinner After Party
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.Reporter Jim Hoft cited the event, media reactions, and the comments in The Hill, by distinguished George Washington University law professor, Jonathan Turley. Hoff said Herridge’s computer and files of confidential sources were seized. Turley said union member journalists see this as “an attack on free press principles” and source protection. Speculation about CBS management motives, Hoft speculated, “with some suggesting it could be a response to Horridge’s recent investigative work critical of the Biden regime.”

Establishment retaliation against Biden administration critics is nothing new. American Thinker columnist John Leonard reminds us of the vicious establishment attacks on Donald Trump, who Leonard writes, “is guilty of the crime of being Donald Trump,” who the Democrats and judges are trying to destroy because they could not control him.

Leonard said Trump’s enemies didn’t like his administration’s successes: “Energy independence, low unemployment, low inflation,” and foreign policy stability. Leonard said his enemies seem to “prefer and corrupt, senile old man (Biden) in the White House.” Leonard concluded, hopefully, re. the charges levelled against him, “It will be up to the Supreme Court to save the Republic.”

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The Left, Democrats, Deep State, and media and minions, seem to endorse threats, violence, intimidation, and censorship, to destroy challengers and opponents, however innocent the challengers might be. Journalist Margaret Flavin reported that a” 90-year-old woman was fired from a volunteer position she held for 60 years, for asking what pronouns meant.” Fran Itkoff had volunteered for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for 60 years, but, for “expressing confusion and asking about pronouns, she was fired. As others have observed, so much for the Left’s claim of “equity and inclusion,” and respect for “diversity.”

Given the Leftist, anti-male anti-American Wokism that has infected the college curricula, notably and for a long time in the liberal arts, but now increasingly in science and mathematics STEM classes, it is no surprise that college enrollments are dropping. Daily Mail reporter Neirin Gray DeSai has written, “the college degree has lost value, and Walmart, IBM, Bank of America, and Google are among the many corporations that are eliminating bachelor’s degree requirements.” Applicants without the BA degree may demonstrate their experience, skills, competence, and knowledge in other ways. Ironically, among the reasons that liberals say they favor as policy, the move is more democratic, and, as one corporate executive said, the new policies “reduce inequity, or the lack of equity (equality).”

Protestors Rally At Columbia University In Support Of Palestine
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Liberal talk show host and comedian Bill Maher has been ahead of the curve on this topic, with Blaze Media reporting how his audience was “stunned by Maher’s rant” on why potential students “should skip college.

The Rubin report claimed Maher said, attendance at elite colleges, “just makes you stupid.” Rubin concluded, as Maher did, that the recent anti-Semitic student support for Palestine-Gaza over Israel, illustrates the fact that higher education is simply indoctrination.”

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