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And the winner of the most adorable photo on the internet today goes to...Olmsted County Sheriff's Department.

When you see a baby being cute, your first instinct is to smile.  Well, take that smile and times it by four because the Olmsted County Sheriff's Department did a little photo shoot of some of their newest baby additions.  It truly is super cute.

#CutenessOverload 👉 The men and women who protect and serve our communities are people too. Not just cops. Here is a photo of some Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office deputies with the newest additions to their families. #ProudDads #OlmstedCounty - Olmsted County Sheriff's Department

I'm not sure who posed better for this photo - the babies or the guys - but it is such a great reminder that they are humans with real lives and families.  Not just cops.

I didn't talk much about it earlier this year but many of my friends, loved ones, or people I know from various states and locations were on the front lines in Minneapolis during the riots.  Some adults that have been in law enforcement for years and some teens who just joined the National Guard.  I grew up with friends who are now serving our country and one of my neighbors in Rochester was an Olmsted County Sheriff's Deputy.  I know wives who are married to guys that put their uniform on each day and "go to work" who remained strong while their husband was gone for weeks.

They are people too.

Do you know someone in law enforcement that you want to give a "thanks" or shoutout too?  Let me know on Facebook, Instagrame-mail...there are so many ways to find me.

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